Things To Consider When Choosing Cryogenic Gas Line Pressure Regulators

When you're in the market for new pressure regulators for your cryogenic gas lines, it's important that you choose carefully to ensure proper operation and gas flow. For those who are new to these devices, it can be difficult to know what you should be looking for. If you want to get the best possible performance from your pressure regulators and the most consistent flow control, here's a look at some of the things that you need to think about.


Look for pressure regulators that will support both liquid and gas so that you have the versatility to use either one. This is ideal when you're in a dynamic environment where your needs might change or you have a supply concern where you may have to exchange one format for the other due to availability. When your pressure regulators can support both styles, you won't have to worry about significant operational disruption from that switch.


Pressure regulation shouldn't be complicated because that can lead to delays and operational challenges. Look for regulators with single controls that are clearly labeled, easy to use, and accessible from the installation point. This gives you greater access and control of the cryogenic gas regardless of the application or the changing environment.


Pressure regulators need to be designed in such a way that they form a complete seal in the application area. This seal is essential for preventing leaks, which can be both costly and damaging. Make a point to explore the different options available and find the model that will form the most stable seal in the system that you're using. Sometimes, that means opting for a regulator with rubber nozzles, while other situations will necessitate metal or similar fixtures.


Another important element to think about is the thermal relief valves that are incorporated into a cryogenic gas pressure regulator. Make sure you choose a regulator with a dual relief valve system so that you can be confident that the gas lines are safe and secure at all times. Test the relief valves regularly as well to ensure that they are functioning as they should.

These are just a few of the key elements to think about when you're choosing new pressure regulators for your cryogenic gas lines. Talk with a supplier near you today to see what choices are available and to find the models that are the best fit for your application.

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