Here's What To Consider When Buying Coffee Grinders

There is something magical about grinding your coffee instead of buying pre-ground coffee beans. You get control of the brewing and make coffee based on your taste and preference. Additionally, grinding beans on-site results in natural and better quality coffee with health benefits, i.e., a drink rich in antioxidants. To get the perfect coffee-making experience, you need to buy a grinder. The following are key factors to consider when buying coffee grinders.

1. Electric or Manual Operation

When choosing a coffee grinder, you need to consider its power system. Is it an electric or a manual grinder? The number of people using the grinder and coffee drinking frequency should guide you when choosing between the two types. For instance, if you intend to make coffee for many people, i.e., in a busy restaurant, an electricity-powered grinder would be ideal for faster grinding. On the flip side, a manual grinder would be suitable if you want to grind the coffee beans slowly and bring out a preferred taste. It's also suitable when you're regularly on the move with limited access to electricity.

2. Burr or Blade Grinding

The main difference between burr and blade grinders is how they grind coffee. Blade grinders operate like a blender. They have double-pronged blades at the bottom of their chambers which rotates rapidly to crush coffee beans into different sizes. The heat produced during the rapid grinding enables the grinder to produce a mix of flavors. Blade grinders are suitable if you're looking for a fast way to make coffee since it starts at the press of a button. Conversely, burr grinders funnel a few coffee beans at a time through the grinding area to produce consistent and uniform-sized pieces. Burr grinders are ideal if you aim to achieve a balanced flavor. They're also adjustable to different sizes giving them the ability to produce different flavors. 

3. The Grinder's Material

Coffee grinders are made of various materials, i.e., wood, plastic, or stainless steel. Weight, appearance, technology, and durability often determine the type of grinder you select. Plastic grinders are light and have the convenience of portability. Wood grinders have an antique-like appearance and are suitable if you are fond of vintage settings and decor. They provide an excellent display on a kitchen shelf or in fancy restaurants. Stainless steel grinders are durable and provide a modern look. They are an excellent choice when making coffee for many people, e.g., in busy cafes. 

Final Words

Before purchasing a coffee grinder, consider the grinding method, capacity, material, and appearance to get one that meets your needs and preferences. Buy your coffee grinder from a professional dealer with a wide range of options.

For more information on coffee grinders, contact a professional near you.