4 Characteristics That Make Aluminum An Excellent Material For Custom Residential Window Frames

The quality of window framing materials is just as important as that of window glass. In the past, wood was the material of choice for residential window framing. However, this doesn't mean that it is the best choice. Aluminum is a sturdy metal that rivals wood in window construction. It features excellent properties that deliver strong, secure, and weather-resistant windows. If you are in the market for new windows, check out these four characteristics of aluminum that make it a great material for your project.

Suitable for Contemporary Architecture

Wooden window frames don't go well with all house styles. They are suited to mid-century, Mediterranean, or ranch-style homes. If your home features modern contemporary architecture, choose frames that suit this style. Aluminum metal is an excellent material for framing windows in contemporary-style homes. The metallic look of the metal gives the windows a sophisticated, stylish appearance that blends seamlessly with the rest of the structure. 

Little Framework

When installing a window, you need to ensure that there is adequate framing to support the weight of the glass. Materials such as wood usually require larger frames, which gives windows a bulky look and obstructs views. Aluminum is a sturdy material that requires less framework for window construction. By occupying less space around the glass edges, the frame leaves adequate space for unobstructed views of the outdoors. What's more, aluminum can also hold larger windows, such as French patio doors, without requiring a bulky framework.

Excellent Performance

Windows play a critical role in upholding the security of a home. Thus, you require a sturdy frame that won't begin to wear when exposed to the elements. Aluminum metal is resistant to pests and water damage, making it an excellent material for window framing. It neither rusts nor wears when exposed to UV radiation. The material also holds up well to strong winds and hailstorms. Aluminum's sturdiness and performance allow it to protect your home from intrusion and inclement weather. When maintained properly, the window frames can last for years without requiring replacement.

Endless Coating Options

Window frames can make or break the curb appeal of your windows and the entire home. Thus, you should choose a color that blends with the rest of the fixtures. Aluminum has a range of color options. For example, if you want to give your frames a wooden look, you can achieve it with aluminum coatings. You can also opt for contemporary colors, such as matte black, gray, white, and many more. When selecting colors for your aluminum window frames, go for powder coatings as they are durable, stylish, and resistant to fading, bubbling, and chipping.

Aluminum is an excellent material for residential window framing. You can design custom window frames to suit your style and preference.