Six Safety Mistakes To Avoid When Operating An Air Compressor

An air compressor may be a fundamental piece of equipment at your industrial facility. If so, you need to make sure you're taking precautions to ensure safe air compressor operation.

The following are six safety mistakes to avoid when operating an air compressor at your industrial facility. 

Failing to inspect your air compressor unit often enough

Routine inspections are essential for ensuring safety. When you have routine inspections performed, make sure that a technician takes a look at your hoses, oil level, and power supply. Any issues that are discovered during inspections should be addressed before your air compressor is used again. 

Neglecting to have staff wear eye and hearing protection around the compressor

An air compressor of course includes components that are under a great deal of pressure and also make a great deal of noise. That's why it's so important that your staff wear eye and hearing protection when they're doing work on or around your air compressor. 

Locating a gas air compressor on the interior of your facility

If your facility uses a gas air compressor model, you need to make sure that this air compressor is always kept outdoors. During operation, gas air compressors give off fumes that make it so they need to be kept outdoors for the safety and health of your staff. 

Locating an air compressor in a spot without a good air inlet

Air compressors need a good supply of air to operate properly. You need to position your air compressor in a location where an air inlet that is both clean and dry is available. An air compressor can become damaged if it is located in an area that is excessively moist. 

Connecting an air compressor to an outlet that is not grounded

There are numerous safety hazards that can be caused by an air compressor that is not plugged in to a properly grounded outlet. This could result in a situation where the compressor's electrical panel becomes damaged. This could also result in a fire hazard. 

Operating an air compressor with a shutoff valve that is difficult to access

In an emergency situation, an industrial air compressor needs to be shut off immediately to prevent injury and assure that a safe environment is maintained. Staff members therefore need to have easy access to the shutoff valve of your air compressor. It's also important that the shutoff valve for your air compressor is readily visible and that your staff members are trained about how to shut off your air compressor in an emergency. 

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