Have A Machine Resetting In The Middle Of A Cycle? Easy Fixes Before Calling A Mechanic

If you have a machine on shop floor that is stopping during the middle of a cycle and you can't figure out what's going on, there are some different things that you want to check before you call in for professional help. If you are working on second or third shift and you don't have a mechanic readily available, or you don't have the current staff on hand to tear the machine apart, here are some things you can look at on your own to see if there are problems.

Trouble Shoot

The errors or stop in the machine could be something as easy as trouble shooting the problem. Try resetting the machine, even if this means that you have to shut it down for a while. The hour or so it's down and then starting back up is more affordable than a visit from a mechanic, and it isn't uncommon for software and machines to need a reboot. If this doesn't work, troubleshoot the machine back to original settings and see if this solves the problems.

Check the AC Switches

If the AC current sensors aren't working to alarm and direct the currents throughout the machine, you have a problem. Test the AC switches to see if they are working, and if you can't tell or you can see there is a problem, have a machinist or mechanic come in to repair the problem right away. It may be time to upgrade to better switches and sensors. This will require switch replacement.

Measure Fluids

If cooling fluids are low and the machine is getting too hot, it could be shutting down because of the heat sensors. There are sensors that get triggered that will automatically shut down a machine because it's at a dangerous temperature, and this could be happening to you. Look at the fluids, especially the hydraulic coolant fluid to see if there is a concern.

There are some errors and problems that can easily be fixed when it comes to figuring out why your machine is stopping or resetting partially through a cycle. If you have noticed that this is happening to you and you aren't sure how you need to go about fixing it without a mechanic, try these things and talk with the machinists on the floor for other potential problems. You will be able to go on from there to get the help you need if you have to call a professional machining mechanic.