Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Forklift In Top Shape

A forklift is a staple of any construction site or a warehouse with lots of inventory. If you want your forklifts to continue making your job easier on a daily basis, you'll need to perform regular maintenance on it just like you would any other vehicle. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your forklift in top shape for many years to come.

Do a Full Inspection Every Day

Whereas you can probably get away with not doing a full inspection of say, your personal automobile on a daily basis, if your company owns a forklift, you should be doing a full visual inspection before every time it is put into use. This isn't because forklifts are prone to breaking easily or anything like that, but it's an important safety protocol that you should have all of your employees follow. Check the oil, tires, mirrors, hoses and everything else from top to bottom. If you notice any issues, don't hesitate to contact a company that offers forklift service repair.

Blow It Out

If your forklift uses compressed air, you should set up a schedule to blow out the forklift and radiator at least once per week. This will help keep the forklift clean and avoid a blockage issue that could lead to an annoying clog.

Only Charge When Necessary

Your forklift's battery is obviously essential to daily operation, but if you plug it in to be charged after every use, you are not doing it any favors. Repeatedly topping off your forklift battery can actually shorten its life. Wait for it to drain a bit and then recharge only when needed to get through the next period of extended use.

Get Professional Service

While it's important to do a daily inspection on your own, you should still take your forklift to a professional at regular intervals for a full inspection. This professional might notice certain things that you would not and can provide preventative maintenance to ensure no major problems pop up in the weeks and months to come.

Get into the habit of inspecting your forklift from top to bottom before every use and make sure that all of your employees are doing the same. Also, keep an eye on the air compressor. Blow the compressed air out and recharge the battery as needed. For best results, take your forklift into a professional for regular service. 

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