3 Things You Should Know About Engine Oil

The oil in your engine is vitally important part of keeping your vehicle in good shape and on the road. You need to change your oil in regular intervals to take proper care of your engine. You also need to understand how the oil works and the best ways to take care of your engine.

Always Change the Oil Filter

When you change the oil in your engine, you should also change the oil filter. The oil filter is designed to filter and protect the oil for a specific length of time. It is not a part that is designed to work for tens of thousands of miles like most parts on your vehicle. A fuel filter is a disposable product that break down over time.

Although some fuel filters are specifically designed to last for more than a single oil change, most oil filters are not designed to last for ten thousand miles or more. You should have your oil filter changed every time you change your oil for the best protection possible.

Use High Quality Oil

You should use high quality oil in your vehicle. Keep in mind that the recommended oil for your vehicle is generally the lowest quality oil that you can put in your engine while still protecting it.

Just because your vehicle's owner's manual suggests lower-quality oil doesn't mean that is what you have to put in your vehicle. It is more than okay to switch to a high mileage oil or synthetic oil that is higher quality. These higher quality oils will provide your vehicle and your engine with extra protection. Using higher quality oils in your engine will not compromise the function of your engine.

Check Your Oil Levels

Keep in mind that the recommended mileage to change your oil is only that, a recommendation. Don't just rely on your odometer to tell you when to change the oil in your vehicle.

Instead, check your actual oil levels yourself. Make sure that your oil levels stays about the minimum fill line. Due to burn off or even small leaks, you may need to top off your oil before your next oil change. Topping off your oil is the process of adding a little extra oil to your vehicle without draining out the oil that is already in it.

When you check your oil, make sure that it is transparent. If your oil has junk in it or the thickness has changed, that is a sign that something is up with your engine and the oil needs to be changed soon.

You can upgrade to higher quality oil and provide your vehicle with some extra protection. Make sure to always change your oil filter when you get your oil changed, and check your oil levels and quality yourself, don't just rely on the odometer to tell you when you need an oil change. Contact a service, like Small & Sons Oil Dist Co, for more help.