Is Your Machine Running Sluggish In The Shop? Check These 3 Things Fast

If there is a machine on your shop floor that isn't performing as well as it usually does, or if it's running slow or making funny noises, there are some different things that you want to do. You want to do some basic investigatory inspections, and try a few different things to see if this helps with the problem right away. Take the time to go out with one of your machinists and check the fluids, look at the seals, and clean out the machine so that it can perform as its optimal potential.

Check Fluids

Fluids, even if they are full, can be a problem if they are dirty. Make sure to check the levels of the fluids throughout the machine, especially the cooling fluids, to make sure that they are at the appropriate levels and to ensure that the fluid isn't dirty. Replacing the fluids and filters if necessary can make a big difference in the performance of your machinery.

Examine Shaft Seals

If the radial shaft seals throughout the machine are lose, damaged, or worn down, this can cause the machine poor function ability. Ordering the shaft seals for the machines is easy, and you can do this online and order in mass quantities. If you are nervous about replacing the unit on your own, or having someone in the shop do it, you may want to call a machine mechanic in to do the work for you.

Perform a Pressure Clean

Dust and dirt can be a problem for all the internal mechanical components over time. With an air compressor, make sure that you clean out all of these components inside and outside of the machine, and clean the filters regularly. If you think there is an abnormal amount of dust, it may be necessary to get humidifying system for the shop.

Caring for your machine properly is one of the key components to extending its life, and saving you money in repair costs over time. If you haven't been doing the right things to make sure that your machine is in the best condition possible, this is something that you have to change. Talk with the experts and do the above listed things to see if this helps the machine run more smoothly and accurately, and if not you want to call in a machine mechanic, such as from Accurate Products Inc., to pin point exactly what is wrong with it.