Provide Your Vegetable Cannery With An Organized And Efficient Environment

If you recently purchased a vegetable cannery and would like to provide your employees with an efficient way to complete job duties, including canning, labeling, and packing, the options below may be beneficial to you and make operating the facility much easier. An organized work environment will help keep workers motivated and will prevent disruptions that could hinder or reduce the daily production rate. 

Install A Pneumatic Conveyor System

If the cannery has primitive conveyor belts installed inside of it and the machinery is loud and shakes, resulting in products falling off of the conveyor belt and landing on the floor on occasion, investing in a pneumatic conveyor system is a viable way to guarantee that products move swiftly and securely along the conveyor.

A pneumatic conveyor system uses vacuum technology to stabilize products and move them from station to station. If canned goods need to move through several stations and are handled by a multitude of people, by the time the products wind up at the end of the conveyor, they will be damage-free and ready for packaging.

Assign A Crew Leader For Each Work Station

Crew leaders can keep an eye on the production team and make sure that employees are working at a consistent pace and operating machinery in the manner that they have been taught. Crew leaders can call out people who are not doing their jobs properly and attempt to redirect them so that work is handled properly and more work is completed in a shorter amount of time.

Let your staff members know that you are in need of some crew leaders and that you will interviewing current employees who are interested and that they may be eligible for a promotion if you decide to have them become one of the leaders. 

Have A Quality Control Team Inspect Items

Assign a quality control team to inspect canned items prior to packing and shipping products to grocery stores and warehouses. A quality control team should look at cans to make sure that they are not dented and should inspect labels to ensure that they are lined up evenly around cans.

Cans need to be weighed and the amount that each can weighs should match what is printed on the label affixed to a can. After a quality control team has inspected a batch of cans, products can be boxed up and sealed prior to being shipped. For more information, contact companies like HAF Equipment Inc.