Three Other Places You Can Find Air Compressors Besides A Hardware Store

When you think of air compressor dealers in your area, who or what is the immediate go-to source? Many people would say hardware stores. Hardware stores always carry air compressors, both for sale and for rent. Yet, there are other places where you can get an air compressor. 

Arts and Crafts Store

The air compressors sold by arts and crafts stores are for air brush artists. You can also use them for other crafts that require compressed air, and they can be modified easily for tools that need air compression to operate. These compressors are more horizontal than the vertical compressors you find in a hardware store, and they are smaller too. However, they work just as well for most air compressor needs.

Automotive Stores

How do you suppose that tires are inflated? If you have ever used a DIY tire inflation stop, you probably figured out that tires inflate via compressed air. Automotive supply stores have a variety of air compressors, some of which can be used for more than just inflating tires. Check with local automotive stores, and then check their websites to see which air compressors they offer there. Many retail chains now offer site-to-store shipping, so you could purchase the compressor through the automotive store and have it shipped for free to the store location of your choice.

Farm Supply Companies

Farmers also need compressed air for various jobs on the farm. Think about it; compressed air is needed for the tires on farm equipment and for milk production. You cannot drive a tractor or combine thirty or forty miles into the nearest gas station to inflate massive tires, can you? You certainly cannot process milk and put it into holding tanks without compressed air either. Check with farm supply companies to see what they offer in the way of air compressors.

As with any piece of machinery, air compressors vary in price, style, applications, and add-on accessories. They also vary in the amount of pressure produced. What remains the same is the fact that you have an engine that works really hard to squeeze large volumes of air into a very tiny space so that extreme force is produced when the compressed air is released. What you need a compressor for dictates what kind, style, and/or accessory you buy and from which source you buy it.

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Compressed Air Systems.