Keeping Your Grill Functioning Properly

When the weather warms up, many people enjoy spending time grilling foods for their family and friends outside. Access to a functional grill is essential when it comes to planning the perfect backyard barbecue.

To ensure that your grill doesn't malfunction, here are three important maintenance tips to keep in mind as you care for your grill in the future.

1. Don't let hoses crack.

If your grill is powered by propane or natural gas, these fuel sources are delivered via a system of hoses. Hoses that fall into disrepair not only compromise your grill's ability to function properly, they can also become a serious safety hazard.

To prevent the sun from drying out and cracking your hoses over time, you should make it a point to keep your grill's hoses lubricated. Rubbing a non-flammable oil into the rubber of the hoses will help to keep them soft and supple as you use your grill in the future.

2. Scrub the burners.

As you place meats and veggies directly onto the grilling surface of your backyard barbecue, residue from these food items can be left behind. Over time, this residue can accumulate on the surface of your grill's burners. Clogged burners prevent fuel from being evenly distributed throughout the grill. This can lead to uneven cooking and even a dangerous buildup of propane or natural gas.

Take the time to regularly scrub your burners with a wire brush to remove any food debris left behind during grill sessions. Pay close attention to the areas on your burners where fuel jets are located, and use a non-flammable cleaning solvent when necessary to completely unclog these fuel jets.

3. Keep the lid polished.

The lid that covers your grill plays an important role in trapping heat to properly cook your food items. If you don't take the time to keep your grill's lid clean, the lid could  begin to deteriorate over time.

Many grills come equipped with stainless steel lids that are susceptible to grease buildup and discoloration. Use a mixture of warm water and grease-fighting dish soap to scrub the surface of the grill. Once all grease and stains have been removed, dry with a soft cloth and polish the grill with a stainless steel polishing agent.

Learning to properly maintain your grill is essential when it comes to ensuring you will have access to a functional piece of equipment for your next backyard barbecue. Talk to a grill company, like Hephaestus BBQ, for more help.