Why Gas Dissolution Pumps Are More Popular Than Centrifugal Pumps

Gas dissolution pumps are becoming more popular due to their high efficiency when removing fibers, blood, and oil. The pump has the ability to create microbubbles which will attach to the particulate matter to remove it. The bubbles are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. This leads to what is referred to as the whitewater effect. The effluent water looks like it has fine smoke coming through it. The wastewater can be cleansed. Also, these pumps are highly efficient and require fewer parts.

Why Not Standard Centrifugal Pumps?

Standard centrifugal pumps are not recommended for gases and liquids that contain these materials. They are not efficient and may become damaged as a result of these contaminants. Otherwise, there will be an increasing amount of gas and more and more gas will be created at the center of the impeller. This will block the entry of liquid. However, this is not a problem with a gas dissolution pump.


Another benefit of this technology is ozone-sterilization. This is an important part of water sanitation, food production, livestock production and electronics manufacturing. The microbubbles are able to kill bacteria on contact without contaminating the products that they are sanitizing. Other sterilization chemicals may make certain products unsafe to consume.


While gas dissolution pumps are becoming more popular than centrifugal pumps, they occasionally have problems that need to be troubleshooted. To determine if there is a problem with the pump, measure the total dynamic head and the flow at the pump and compare it to the curve. The total dynamic head refers to the difference between discharge and suction, which are converted to feet or meters of head. When the operating point is on the pump curve, the pump is operating correctly. Then, you should inspect the system or the pumpage to determine what is causing your problems. Ambient conditions can sometimes change the viscosity of the pumpage. For example, mineral-based oil changes viscosity as the temperature changes. Test for viscosity temperature and specific gravity to determine if the pumpage is the problem. Otherwise, the problem must lie with the system. The three problems that the system can experience are:

  • A flow that is too low
  • Improper design
  • Incorrect installation

While problems occasionally occur, they are much more frequent with a centrifugal pump than with a gas dissolution pump. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider it over a centrifugal pump. For more information, talk to a professional like Rogue Pump Company LLC.